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    What is NAD+?

    NAD+ IV Therapy is one of the safest and most successful ways to quickly get nutrients into the body. Replenish energy, combat health issues like sadness, anxiety, and improve overall health. Enhance metabolism, aid in weight management, and blood sugar control. Reduce inflammation, expedite healing, and repair DNA. IV therapy ensures optimal absorption compared to oral supplements, offering the most effective results for your body’s coenzyme needs

    Scientifically Proven, Safe and Effective

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    Brain Booster

    NAD IV Therapy regenerate brain cells, helping you think sharper, focus better, and also restores mental clarity.

    Repair DNA

    NAD Has an important role in repairing damaged DNA repairs Reverse Aging

    Optimize Body

    NAD+ powers up your cells’ energy production.it aids aids weight loss, improves metabolism,and decrease

    Why Choose
    Salubris Clinic?

    Highest Quality IV Medicine

    We choose highest quality IV product from reliable laboratory .It gives highest effect to your body & mind.

    Expert Medical Team and High hospitality

    Expert doctor and well-trained medical counselors, nurses provide high hospitality services.

    Homecare Service

    Enjoy the comfort and convenience of receiving IV therapy in the privacy of your own home.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Individuals experiencing low energy, persistent fatigue, or cognitive fog could find relief through this IV treatment.
    Expect improved muscle tone, elevating your workout potential and enhancing muscle performance.
    The frequency of intravenous therapy varies based on personalized treatment plans for each patient.
    NAD+ IV infusion can activate neuronal function, leading to enhanced mental clarity, concentration, and memory.
    NAD+ IV infusion can activate neuronal function, resulting in improved mental clarity, concentration, and memory.
    Studies indicate that NAD+ aids in regenerating opiate receptors, reducing cravings, and easing withdrawal symptoms, potentially aiding in addiction recovery.
    NAD+ supports a healthy metabolism, crucial for managing weight and blood sugar levels effectively.
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